Terms & Conditions



Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions


B Doyle and Associates offer corporate consulting, company secretarial and legal services on the following terms and conditions:


  1. All shelf company sales are sold on a pre-payment basis and are subject to specific terms and conditions. On receipt of payment and the signed terms and conditions, original documents are released to the client.
  2. In the event that the purchaser cancels the request for shelf companies, an administration and cancellation fee of R150 will be charged to the client.
  3. All original documents sent from our offices will be done so using either courier or South African Postal Speed Services. This is for the client’s account and will be reflected on the invoice. No fees will be charged for documents collected from our offices. If client’s want to us to use their couriers we will need to be notified in writing. We recover the FULL cost billed to us. Should there be any additional charges by the courier company we will invoice the client accordingly. Courier fees are not fixed, and are therefore subject to change without prior notice.
  4. All our prices exclude VAT at 14%. No VAT is charged on shelf company sales.
  5. We only accept instructions in writing (email, fax, and letter) to undertake any of the services that we offer.
  6. On receipt of written instructions, documents are prepared and invoiced to clients prior to being lodged with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).
  7. All invoices are payable on presentation.
  8. Accounts that run into arrears for longer than thirty days will be handed over to our attorneys for collection. Should you fail to pay for services rendered or shelf companies purchased B Doyle reserve the right to Black List the purchaser via Trans Union. All legal costs incurred will be payable by the client on a scale as between attorney and client.
  9. Consulting and secretarial services are supplied at our usual and customary hourly rate, unless quoted on prior to commencement or otherwise agreed arrangement.
  10. Our prices are reviewed quarterly and are subject to change without prior notice.
  11. CIPC fees are subject to change without prior notice and according to their official price list. B Doyle & Associates do not warrant CIPC prices as quoted.
  12. Annual Returns and Restoration fees are Non-refundable. Once the annual return quote has been accepted and paid the client is confirming that the turnover stated on the quote is accurate.
  13. Annual Financial statements submissions are separate to the annual returns submission. The annual return fee does not include this submission.
  14. Annual Returns – B Doyle does offer a free reminder service for when an entities returns are due, however its still the clients responsibility to make sure that the annual returns gets submitted. Should an entity be de-registered because of non-compliance to annual returns submissions its the clients responsibility to get the entity re-instated.
  15. REFUNDS – Orders placed and paid for, and the intellectual property has been released to the client, are non-refundable. The Current Work Order will remain valid up until 3 months after payment has been received, after which time it will close. Work requested after this period will be deemed a new Work Order and additional charges will apply.
  16. Please note e-mail quotes are not official, only Xero quotes with B Doyle’s logo are official and these quotes are only valid for 30 days.
  17. When CIPC charges B Doyle and Associates for any work/services rendered (which should not be charged for), the client is liable for those costs.
  18. Our services are for preparation, lodgment and completion of work (no weekly updates). Should you require an update, please email the relevant consultant and they will respond.
  19. All Registered documents received back from CIPC will be sent to the relevant client, and it’s the client’s responsibility to check for any errors made by CIPC.
  20. Upon doing business with us you have agreed to be added to our mailing list, you can unsubscribe at anytime.
  21. Upon Purchasing a shelf company, the responsibility to change the directorship/membership and registered address lies with the purchaser.
  22. Upon Purchasing a Package deal applicable changes must take place within 6 months from placing the order. Thereafter normal price list applies.
  23. Upon the date of the invoice (shelf companies purchases) the nominee directors (B Doyle members) are not liable for any debt own by the company.
  24. All B Doyle Shelf companies have never traded before and clean with no prior History.
  25. Once a quote has been accepted and payment has been made, no refunds will be made.
  26. We cannot be held responsible for any CIPC regulation amendments or any such changes made to the acts.
  27. Once a quote is accepted an official order is placed. No cancellations will be accepted and the client will be liable for the full amount quoted. No exceptions will be made. Please consider this carefully.


Our office hours are from 08h30 to 16h30 Monday to Thursday and 08h00 to 16h00 on Friday. Our offices close over the December period each year.

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The New formation (Company Registration) of a company is the creation of a brand new company with no prior history and is registered directly into the names of the directors of your choice.
When creating a new company (Company Registration) is it referred to as a “new formation” and the following steps will be taken:

1) Name reservation – you will be required to register a valid name for your company. If you need us to do this for you, we can certainly assist you.

2) New Formation (Company Registration)– Once the name reservation has been approved, we then attend to the company registration process on your behalf.
The time frame for Company Registrations is dependent on CIPC.

If you wish for us to assist you with a new company formation please follow the link below:


#business #makingmoney #pty #ltd #companyamendments #shares #vat #SARS #annualreturns #import #export #instagram #instagood #instadaily #mondayNPO (NON PROFIT ORGANISATION)

An NGO is a Non-Government Organisation, which is a generic umbrella name for the following:

1) Register an NPC (Non Profit company - Old Sec 21 co), 2) Amend the MOI to be in line with the ninth schedule
You will then decide which registrations you require:
Registration as an NPO with Social Welfare - (Non-Profit organisation i.e. an NPC who requires registration with the Dept. of Social Development, so it can fundraise)

3)Registration as an PBO with SARS - application for tax exemption - (Public Benefit Organisation i.e. an NPC who requires tax exemption status with SARS, so it can become tax exempt)

Should you require these services please contact us

#business #SARS #VAT #companyamendments #shares #annualreturns #BEE #import #export #instagram #instadaily #instagoodSHARES


Issue New Shares
Transfer of Shares
Convert and Increase Authorised Shares
Increase of Authorised Shares
Par Value to No Par Value Shares
Adding Preference Shares
Adding - A and B Class Shares
Convert and Increase Authorised Shares

For more information contact us at Info@bdoyle.co.za

#business #shares #issue #companyamendments #VAT #SARS #annualreturns #pty #ltd #import #export #instagram #instagood #instadailyRESTORATION OF A DEREGISTERED COMPANY OR CLOSE CORPORATION 
If your entity has been deregistered by CIPC for failing to submit annual returns and you need assistance to restore it you have to meet one of the following requirements: •The entity must own property (Copy of property title deed or bond statement required)
•Was / Is trading Either at the time of deregistration or currently (Proof required by means of a bank statement)
•Owns shares in another entity (Share Certificate required)
•By Court Order (No supporting documents are required if you have a Court Order)

If you are interested in restoring a company, please email us at info@bdoyle.co.za

#business #makingmoney #cipc #cipro #annualreturns #shares #companyamendments #VAT #import #export #Bee #pty #ltd #tuesday #instagram #instagoodANNUAL RETURNS

All companies (including external companies) and close corporations are required by law to lodge their annual returns with CIPC within a certain period of time every year.

An annual return is a statutory return in terms of the Companies and Close Corporations Acts and therefore MUST be complied with. 
Failure to do so will result in the Commission assuming that the company and/or close corporation is not doing business or is not intending on doing business in the near future. 
Non-compliance with annual returns may lead to deregistration, which has the effect that the juristic personality is withdrawn and the company or close corporation ceases to exist.

We unfortunately cannot assist with filing the annual returns if your company is audited with AFS. 
If you need assistance with your Annual returns contact us:

#business #annualreturns #cipc #cipro #VAT #SARS #pty #ltd #import #export #companyamendments #shares #instagram #instadaily #instamood #instagoodPRE-REGISTERED CUSTOMS COMPANY

We have limited stock on our pre-registered shelf company package.

Package deal includes:
Shelf company 
Income Tax Registered
Pre-registered import and export code (Customs)
Valid Bank Account
Change of directors, Registered address, Auditors (preparation)
Change of directors, Registered address, Auditors (lodgement)
Change of shareholding

Contact us info@bdoyle.co.za

#business #makingmoney #customs #import #export #companyamendments #shares #annualreturns #SARS #VAT #pty #ltd #instagram #instagood #instadaily #secreterialservicesWe have stock of our preregistered VAT entities, which includes the following: •Shelf (PTY) LTD.
•VAT Vendor Registration.
•PAYE/UIF/SDL Registration.
•Income tax registered.
•Customs registration, both Import and Export.
•E-filing profile activated, ready to be released to your 
•Business bank account with Standard Bank, linked to all SARS registrations.
•Internet banking to be activated with your preferred 
username and password upon change of signatory.
•Change of directors and registered address (preparation 
and submission).
•Change of shareholding.

If you are interested please contact us at info@bdoyle.co.za

#VAT #business #makingmoney #SARS #cipc #cipro #companyamendments #shares #import #export #annualreturns #pty #ltd #shareblock #instagram #instagood #beeShare Block companies

We can either convert an existing company into a share block or register a new one.

By law, a seller may not sell shares in a share block scheme unless the company has the words What is a personal liability company?

A personal liability company is comparable to companies contemplated in section 53(b) of the Companies Act, 1973.

Its name must end with the word “Inc” it meets the criteria for a private company, and its MOI provides that the directors and past directors are jointly and severally liable, together with the company, for any debts and liabilities of the company that were contracted during their respective terms of office. 
For more assistance contact us at Info@bdoyle.co.za

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