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B Doyle and Associates Group can reinstate your Company. The term used for the reinstatement is Called Restoration.
Please call on 011 268 6652 or e-mail for a quote.


Reason for Deregistration
The most common reason for a Close Corporations/Company being DeRegistered is for non-compliance of Annuals Returns. When annual returns are not submitted over a period of time CIPC will come to the conclusion that the entity is no longer in business and will result in Deregistration. The status of the entity will then be placed in “Final Deregistration”.


There are other reasons for the status of an entity to change into final deregistration which does not include annual returns renewal.
To change the statues of the entity back into business the Restoration process must be completed.


Requirements for Restoration:

  • Name of company/Close corporation
  • Registration number
  • Payment up front will be required.
  • Additional requirement will be requested on payment.


Process of Restoration:
The process takes approximately 60 working days to be completed by CIPC. Bearing in mind that the restoration of the entity does not include the renewals of the annual returns. Once the process is completed the entity statues changes to “deregistration process”. Should the annual returns not be paid within 10 working days the entity will go back into final deregistration without notification. Once the annual returns have been renewed the company statues will change to “In business” 48hrs after renewal.


Please call us on 011 268 6652 or e-mail for a quote.

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