Company Registrations

Including Approved Name Reservation (Own Name)
Excluding Approved Name Reservation
Including Approved Name Reservation (Shelf Name)
Company Registration Information

Above Company Registrations – Options:


  • Including Approved Name Reservation (Own name):

If you have an already approved Name Reservation and your looking to register a company then click this option.

  • Excluding Approved Name Reservation:

If you don’t have an approved Name Reservation then click this option. You will give us a list 4 name to apply to get an approved Name reservation.

  • Including Approved Name Reservation (Shelf Name):

When selecting this option you will be given a choice of Name Reservations (already approved by us) to choose from.  This options will safe you time and money.


The New formation (Company Registration) of a company  is the creation of a brand new company with no prior history and is registered directly into the names of the directors of your choice. Let us start your dream today, Let us assist with your company registrations today.


The most popular company to register is a standard private company which will be a proprietary limited or (Pty) Ltd company.  This will only require a minimum of one director.  For other company types such as a non-profit, a minimum of three directors is required.  We will be able to give you accurate information in this regard.


When creating a new company (Company Registration) is it referred to as a “new formation” and the following steps will be taken:

  1. Name reservation – you will be required to register a valid name for your company.  If you need us to do this for you, we can certainly assist you.
  2. New Formation (Company Registration)– Once the name reservation has been approved, we then attend to the company registration process on your behalf.

The time frame for Company Registrations is dependent on CIPC.


To start the process for all your company registrations, either click on one of the below “Register Now” buttons and complete the form or email us

Fee Structure

Company Registrations – Excluding Approved Name reservation:

  • New Company Registration – (PTY) LTD , 1 Director – R914
  • New Company Registration – (PTY) LTD , 2 – 4 Directors – R1,029
  • New Company Registration – (PTY) LTD , 5 – 8 Directors – R1,144
  • New Company Registration – (PTY) LTD , 9 – 12 Directors – R1,259
  • New Company Registration – (PTY) LTD , 13 + Directors – R2,455


Name Reservation Applications:

  • Name reservation (approved or not approved) – R160
  • Name reservation (manual, approved or not approved) – R220
  • Defensive Name – R775
  • Renewal of a Defensive Name – R545
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