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FAQ – Annual Returns

When must a company or close corporation file its annual returns?

  • Companies and close corporations are required to file annual returns once a year within a given time period. Companies must file within 30 business days after the anniversary date of its incorporation while close corporations must file within the anniversary month of its incorporation up until the month thereafter.


If a company or close corporation has filed its tax returns with SARS, is it still required to file annual returns with CIPC?

  • A clear distinction must be made between an annual return and a tax return. An annual return is a sort of “renewal” and has the purpose to confirm whether CIPC is in possession of the most up to date information of a company or close corporation and that the company or close corporation is still conducting business. A tax return focuses on taxable income of a company or close corporation in order to determine the tax liability of the company or close corporation to the State and is filed with SARS. Compliance with the one does not mean that there is automatic compliance with the other. It is two different processes administered in terms of different legislation by two different government departments. Therefore, even if the tax return has been filed with SARS, the annual return must still be filed with CIPC.


Will the annual return replace the filing of other prescribed or statutory forms?

  • An annual return is not an amendment form and therefore, the annual return must be followed by the appropriate statutory form to update the CIPC registers after filing if CIPC is not in possession of the most up to date information. An example of this is if the company address changes, a form CoR21.1 must still be completed and submitted to CIPC.


Should all annual returns be up to date before a close corporation converts to a company?

  • If a close corporation converts to a company and the conversion application on Form CoR18.1 is received on or before the last day before the start of the anniversary month of the close corporation, then the annual return for such year does not need to be filed. The reason for this 4 is that no obligation has yet arisen for the filing of the annual return for the current year. All other outstanding years must be brought up to date. For future filing of annual returns, the anniversary month will then be the month within which the close corporation was converted. Should the close corporation file its application for conversion within the month of the anniversary of its incorporation or the month thereafter then all annual returns must be brought up to date including the annual return for the current year.


Should all annual returns be up to date if the company converts from one category of company to the other?

  • The company does not have to be up to date with annual returns before converting but it should not be in “deregistration process” or “final deregistered”. If in “deregistration process” the company must first object to deregistration in writing (if not due to annual return non compliance) or file all outstanding annual returns (if due to annual return non compliance) before applying to convert. If the company is final deregistered it must first be re-instated.
CIPC Fee Structure

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Why your clients should convert their Close Corporations to a Private Company?

The converted Close Corporation will enjoy the benefits of the Business Judgment Rule of section 76(4), which applies to directors, not members.

B Doyle can assist you in converting your close corporation to a private company.

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If your entity has been deregistered by CIPC for failing to submit annual returns and you need assistance to restore it you have to meet one of the following requirements: •The entity must own property (Copy of property title deed or bond statement required)
•Was / Is trading Either at the time of deregistration or currently (Proof required by means of a bank statement)
•Owns shares in another entity (Share Certificate required)
•By Court Order (No supporting documents are required if you have a Court Order)

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•Income tax registered.
•Customs registration, both Import and Export.
•E-filing profile activated, ready to be released to your 
•Business bank account with Standard Bank, linked to all SARS registrations.
•Internet banking to be activated with your preferred 
username and password upon change of signatory.
•Change of directors and registered address (preparation 
and submission).
•Change of shareholding.

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We can either convert an existing company into a share block or register a new one.

By law, a seller may not sell shares in a share block scheme unless the company has the words